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Xclusive Virgin Hair, offers ways to get paid just by working on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and passing business cards around your neighborhood. 

 Become a Sales Representative: 
($19.99one time application fee good for 1year
Some of the advantages include:

  • Working from home
  • Earning cash per order
  • Employee discount
How it works:

After you have applied for the position, We will give you a promo code & 250 business cards that you can share with everyone that you refer. You CAN use social media sites such as facebook, instagram, and twitter to promote.  Every time a customer uses your promo code they will (save $5) and you will EARN 10% of their purchase. A money order for your weekly earnings will be mailed to you every Friday.
After you APPLY you will receive an email with your personal promo code.
& we will get your business cards created 

To sign up: